Wednesday, July 10, 2013

International dog show Cluj Napoca 14.11.2009

CACIB- CLUJ NAPOCA   14 November 2009

Dachshund judge : ANTONIO DI LORENZO

Dachshund Standard Wirehaired : 34 dogs entered to this show .

                                       EISENDACHS KAPPA in junior class - at 12 months old
                                           CACJ, Best Junior, Best Bitch, BOB, Res BOG

                                                     CACIB Cluj Napoca 14.11.2009 
                                                    EISENDACHS KAPPA res BOG

                                                      CACIB Cluj Napoca 14.11.2009
                                      EISENDACHS INKA -Intermediate class Res CAC

                                                   CACIB Cluj Napoca 14.11.2009
                                  ABIGAIL AMBER FLOWERS -Open Class CAC, CACIB

                                                     CACIB Cluj Napoca 14.11.2009
                                            MANFRED STRESS - Open Class exc II

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