In data de 25 Mai 2019 catelusa noastra scumpa
 NUCKATA JUMARA aka ZUMA a fatat cuibul cu 
litera " M" al canisei noastre  !!!!

Avem 4 femele si 4 masculi !

Mandrul tata al puilor este masculul nostru

In 25 May our sweet female NUCKATA JUMARA aka ZUMA give birth to the "M" litter of our kennel

We have 4 females and 4 males !

The proud father is our male 

Zuma cu 2 saptamani inainte de fatare

Prima zi de viata

10 zile / 10 days old


2 saptamani / 2 weeks old

4 saptamani / 4 weeks old

5 saptamani / 5 weeks old

6 saptamani / 6 weeks old

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